best ways to sell at a pop up shop

8 Ways to Maximize Your Pop Up Sales

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We've hosted a lot of Pop Up events. Like a lot. There are things we can control & be proactive about like selecting great vendors with interesting stories & great products, our marketing & promotion, and day-of putting on a killer event that's focused completely on our vendors and our customers.

and then there are things we can't control...

Like a big ol' rain storm, how busy the parking lot is at any given moment, or ultimately how much our vendors sell.

That being said, every Pop Up shopping event is a shot in the dark as to what magic will unfold.

  • Will you meet a new potential retailer interested in your brand?

  • Will you meet another vendor who you might in the future collaborate with?

  • Will you make great sales & possibly sell out? 

All these scenarios have happened at our Pop Up Shops. Remind me next time I see you to share the story about the time someone bought a $6k surfboard that "wasn't even for sale". It was nuts.

What I know is...
 YOU CREATE your Pop Up success!

I have witnessed a hundred different makers, designers, and small business owners have different outcomes at the same event.  With that being said, here are my TOP 8 WAYS TO MAXIMIZE YOUR POP UP SALES 

1. Connect with your customers & audience beforehand.
Once you sign up for an event, make sure you share with your friends, family, customers, and community. This could be adding to your website, Instagram, Facebook, even go ol' text and snail mail to your friends and family! 

2. Reach out to potential retailers in the area you're interested in connecting with.
Pop Up events serve as a great "trail run" on how local customers in the area react to your products and brand. This is a great tool to outreach to local shop owners and share that you'll be participating in a local event. Invite them to meet you in-person at the event, or see if you can schedule a time with them afterwards for an exclusive preview.

3. Create a special promotion for the day.
Showcase a newly launched product, have a certain style or product on sale, buy 1, get 1 free...whatever is the right fit for you & your business!  By having something to "showcase" you're giving the event promoters & yourself something to share besides just "who you are," and also have an additional talking point day of.

4. Set your goal for the event.
This goes deeper than just how much you want to sell that day.  Consider how many emails you want to capture, how many other vendors can you connect with & share resources with, what content can you create day of, and setting a goal for how you will sell to this audience AFTER the event. 

5. Create an email sign-up list to bring to the event.

This is a great tool to capture new customers contact info. Even if you only collect a handful of emails, you can personally email them thanking them for coming to the event (personal touch is key!), share upcoming events, sales on your website, or offer a discount or incentive for future sales.

6. Create content! You're already set up and looking pretty! You can capture your set up, new products, customer interactions, and don't forget to get a shot of you with your set up!

7. Connect with other vendors. This is a great opportunity to learn about other pop up events, find more of your tribe, make friends on social media, and possibly connect for future collaborations and giveaways! 

8. Extend your promotion past the event. Allow for those that follow you on social media but couldn't attend, or learned about you through the event host, another vendor, or just didn't pull the trigger that day a second chance to buy from you online or through DM's. 

Setting goals and being proactive BEFORE & AFTER your pop up events is just as important as the products and smile you bring day of! I hope these were helpful. I'm looking forward to seeing what momentum you bring to your next event

Photos by  Riley Starr  taken at our January 2019 Pop Up Shop in Laguna Beach.

Photos by Riley Starr taken at our January 2019 Pop Up Shop in Laguna Beach.