Our mission is to highlight & support local Orange County entrepreneurs, makers, and artisans by providing them the platform to connect with more potential customers, clients, and retailers. Let's all win.


Sourced Pop Up Market's started in Laguna Beach, CA out of SOURCED. a collaborate work & event space. What once originally started as part retail store / part office space transitioned into a mixed use space with one hell of a monthly Pop Up Market. We decided to take this show on the road and "pop-up" in various places in Orange County.




Michelle Mercado, SOURCED.

Michelle Mercado, SOURCED.

Sourced Pop Up was created by community leader, Michelle Mercado, as a way to mix her unique background in hospitality & event planning to support local emerging makers and artisans in Orange County. In 2013, Michelle took a leap of faith when she left a dream job and rent controlled apartment in San Francisco and returned home to Orange County to opened a collaborative work & event space in Laguna Beach lovely referred to as "SOURCED." 

SOURCED. started off as part retail shop where Michelle created a "Pop Up Retail" model where vendors and products were switched out every two months creating a completely new store. 

"In the beginning it was super excited and such a thrill to continually be on the search for new vendors and remerchandise the space every two months but we never had the right amount of foot traffic and the store became more of an amenity of our space rather than it's own entity. It started to feel like it was personally holding me back but I wasn't ready to give up on it completely. At that point I did what most people would do, I skipped off to Bali for a month which forced me to close the shop and take a hard look at what was next. I came back with a fresh perspective and a new outlook on what it would look like to drop the "brick-and-mortar" and go back to my event planning roots. SOURCED. settled into the co-working and incredible office space it is now and I got the flexibility to "pop up" once a month which allowed our vendors to connect directly with their customers & make more sells! #WINNING!"

Yellow and Lace at Sourced Pop Up
Neighborhood Creative, Sourced Pop Up
Ali Rybczyk for Sourced Pop Up


From designing our flyers to photographing the days events, to live mural painting & leading our free DIY craft bars - our tribe consists of multiple talented artists who believe in supporting local talent as well as each other. 


Collaboration is key.

Partners + Sponsors

We work with brands & venues that share our values of supporting & highlighting the efforts of local Orange County makers and the community that supports them. We approach potential partners and sponsors as co-collaborators creating new opportunities for us to share the story of small businesses. We learn so much from one another.

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